Become cycling expert

Gruppe von Kindern beim Radfahrtraining

What does it mean to be a cycling expert?

Being a cycling expert doesn't only mean to know about traffic rules but to apply these rules in practice correctly. The proper use of rules can only be learned in real traffic environment. This is especially important for children and cycling beginners at any age as they need to gain confidence as cyclists on the road. 

Knowledge about traffic rules. By knowing what cyclists are allowed to do in traffic and what not, confidence can be gained. 

Proper use of traffic rules. To gain confidence in cycling on the road, theoretical knowledge must be transferred into practice. For our cycling courses this means: We practice in traffic environment as there, we will also cycle in the future.  

Road safety experts agree: Children must exercise in traffic environment

The public traffic space is a common social space in which all road users interact with each other. A traffic space with many safe cyclists means a safe traffic space for all road users as motorists are then required to control their speed. 

Usually, traffic space is mainly provided for motorists and there, children (as cyclists) are often not allowed or accepted to exercise their road safety behaviour. This situation must be changed.  

A bicycle training in protected space, hence a separated space without traffic, would impede substantial learning opportunities for children. Real traffic environment must be included into the cycling learning approach. Only then, children are able to distinguish between a safe and risky cycling behaviour.  

The opportunity to learn cycling in traffic is an important prerequisite for the improvement of the road safety behaviour of a child.

For a safe, philanthropic and sustainable traffic behaviour

Through learning an exemplary cycling behaviour within our courses, we want to contribute to a safe, peaceful and sustainable togetherness in traffic.