The bicycle training for primary schools in Graz

Kinder in Schule beim Fahrradtraining

Primary school children become cycling experts

Our bicycle training "Experts on the road" has a very special status in Graz as it can look back on a 24-year success story! 

Since the launch, more than 30,000 primary school children of the 4th grade have taken part in the training!

The aim of "Experts on the road" is not only to train for the voluntary cycling proficiency test but to prepare children for a safe cycling in traffic in the future. 

Thanks to the funding of the City of Graz (Department of Transport Planning and Department of Road Administration), and the financial support of the Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks (AUVA), the bicycle training for primary schools in Graz can be offered free of cost. The team of FGM-AMOR wishes to thank very sincerely for that!



Training in public traffic space


Training in the school environment

After an introductory training session in protected space (without traffic, generally schoolyard), the children practice cycling in the respective school environment.

Radfahrtrainer und Schüler


Training in traffic calmed zones

Graz consists of an extensive net of traffic calmed zones. There, the children practice cycling on the road with the consent of the parents, and under the professional supervision of our qualified bicycle trainers. 

The children will get the opportunity to improve their cycling abilities in controlled groups, and especially in individual exercises. They will be gently introduced into a safe and confident cycling behaviour in traffic.

Schüler auf der Straße


Individual exercises as key element

Individual exercises in traffic are the key element of our bicycle training. The teaching of traffic rules flows into the practical exercises.