Training process of "Experts on streets"

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Training process 1


Introduction in class

Our team of two certified bicycle trainers come to your class in the morning. After an introduction on the procedure of the training, the class will be divided into two groups. The groups will be trained consecutively, hence, one group stays in class and remains under the supervison of the class teacher.

Vorbesprechung in der klasse


Bicycle exercises in protected space (training without traffic)

At the beginning of the training, we exercise motor skills and power of concentration on the bike in a playful way. After this, the functionality of the bicycle and the bicycle helmet will be checked and the children will be prepared for cycling in traffic. These exercises take place in protected space without traffic (mainly schoolyard).

Üben im Schonraum


Training in traffic space

Cycling in traffic is the key element of our bicycle training. In a common cycling trip in traffic calmed zones, we exercise the correct cycling and crossing behaviour in the group and individually.

Kinder auf der Straße

Turning left correctly

A "highlight" of the bicycle training is the exercise how to turn left correctly which is one of the greatest challenges for cyclists (applies to right-hand traffic). When turning left, the children as cyclists have to master a complex process in which several steps have to be undertaken in the correct sequence. At first, the sequence of turning left will be shown by our bicycle trainers, afterwards the children exercise these steps individually under the supervision of the trainers.

Kind am Rad beim Linksabbiegen


Feedback after the training

After each exercise, the children will get individual feedback by the trainers and assistance on how to improve their cycling behaviour. They receive valuable tips on how they can ride safely in the group and individually and how to behave correctly at crossings. The training closes with a debriefing session in class.

Trainer bei der Nachbesprechung mit Kindern


Training process 2



Check of bicycle equipment and playful skill exercises in the schoolyard 



Cycling in traffic in groups under the professional supervision of our certified bicycle trainers 

Kleingruppe im Verkehr


Repetitive practice on cycling in different traffic situations

Kind übt das Linksabbiegen als Standardsituation


Different crossing situations will be discussed with the children before and after each exercise 

Besprechung mit den Kursteilnehmern auf der Straße


The children exercise their cycling behaviour at crossings individually

Schüler beim selbstständigen Üben im Straßenverkehr


Assistance of our bicycle trainers is given for each child at any situation

Radfahrtrainer hilft Schüler beim Abbiegen