You will find the concept of "Experts on streets" in all our courses.

Our course offer is for children, youths and adults.

The courses can be booked by schools, companies or private individuals.


Bicycle training for children (from 6-12 years)

Our cycling courses for primary school aged children from 1st to 5th grade offer a gentle start into cycling on the road. A special training for children and parents should help parents to gain trust into the cycling abilities of their children. Depending on the age and cycling skills, the courses consist of a common training in protected space (without traffic) and traffic calmed zones under the professional supervision of our bicycle trainers.


Kinder mit Fahrraedern

Bicycle training for young people (from 13-17 years)

In this training, young people will be motivated to use the bike on their daily ways more often. We work with bicycle maps and explore the cycling infrastructure in the surrounding (school) environment in a common cycling trip in which the young people will slip into the role of a bicycle trainer and explain the correct cycling behaviour in traffic.


Kinder bei der Vorbereitung zum Training

Bicycle training for adults (from 18 years up)

In our course for adult cycling beginners and returnees, people of all backgrounds are welcome. The training starts in protected space without traffic. Common trips in traffic calmed zones will be offered according to the interests and cycling skills of the participants. In our training for advanced cyclists we make a common trip in traffic and want to motivate participants to strengthen their role as cycling experts in order to have a positive impact on the traffic space.


ERwachsene Radfahrer

Bicycle training for senior citizens (from approx. 60 years up)

This training is aimed at adults from the age of approx. 60 years up who want to learn to cycle and strengthen their cycling abilities in traffic. Moreover, they can do something for their physical and mental health. Under the technical supervision of our bicycle trainers we exercise in flexible units and identify and overcome internal and external barriers of cycling.


Radfahrtrainer erklärt