Bicycle training for adults (from 18 years up)

ERwachsene Radfahrer

Bicycle training for adult cycling beginners and returnees 

This bicycle training is aimed at adult cycling beginners and returnees of all backgrounds. Especially for people with migration background, it might be difficult to cycle in traffic. Possible reasons might be the lack of knowledge of Austrian safety regulations for cycling or the simple routine of other cycling habits. This training shall motivate the participants to use the bike as valuable mobility resource in daily traffic.


Course content (protected space/without traffic, with bicycle): 

  • Theory: The theory session contains important information about cycling and road safety as well as the necessary bicycle equipment.  

  • Practice 1: The first practice session takes place in protected space without traffic (e.g. schoolyard, courtyard, parking space - not used! - or side street without traffic) and offers playful skill exercises with the bicycle. 

Course content (traffic space, with bicycle): 

  • Practice 2: The second practice session offers a common cycle trip in traffic calmed zones and on cycle lanes under the professional supervision of two state-certified bicycle trainers of FGM-AMOR. In this session, we learn to train the correct cycling and crossing behaviour in traffic. 


Note: Especially for cycling beginners it is recommended to attend the practice sessions several times.


Bicycle training for advanced cyclists 

Cycling experts as role models

In this training, we make a common trip in traffic and want to motivate participants to strenghten their role as cycling experts in order to have a positive impact on the traffic space.    

Course content (traffic space, with bicycle):

  • Short introduction to current traffic regulations for cycling 
  • Choosing a cycle route in the group (working with road/cycle maps) 
  • Common cycle trip in traffic space
  • Discussing chances and risks of cycling in cities/communities 
  • Showing the role model function of cyclists