Bicycle training for senior citizens (from approx. 60 years up)

Radfahrtrainer erklärt

It's never too late for cycling

The bicycle training for senior citizens is a good opportunity to promote a safe and healthy mobility in traffic, even into old age.

This training is aimed at adults from the age of approx. 60 years up who want to learn to cycle and strengthen their cycling abilities in traffic. Moreover, they can do something for their physical and mental health. Under the professional supervision of our bicycle trainers we exercise in flexible units and identify and overcome internal and external barriers of cycling.

The training is offered in three units:  

Course content (protected space/without traffic, with bicycle): 

  • Theory: The theory session introduces important information about cycling and road safety as well as the necessary bicycle equipment. 

  • Practice 1: The first practice session takes place in protected space and is focused on enhancing motor skills when cycling. Powers of skills, balance, concentration and coordination on the bike will be tested in playful exercises. 

Course content (traffic space, with bicycle): 

  • Practice 2: In the second practice session, we undertake a common cycling trip in traffic and exercise safe cycling in traffic calmed zones. The teaching of traffic regulations and the joy of mobility are of particular importance in this session.