Bicycle training for young people (from 13-17 years)

Kinder bei der Vorbereitung zum Training

Young people as experts on the road

In this training, young people can prove their cycling abilities in traffic. With the help of our bicycle trainers they select a common cycling route, which will be undertaken as group. On the route, they will slip into the role of a bicycle trainer and explain and show the correct cycling behaviour in traffic. Additionally, critical points for cyclists can be identified and discussed. 

Course content (protected space/without traffic, with bicycle): 

  • Check of bicycle equipment 
  • Repeating road safety rules and correct cycling behaviour in traffic
  • Working with road/cycle maps: Selection of a common cycling route

Course content (traffic space, with bicycle): 

  • Common cycling trip in traffic environment
  • Exercising an independent cycling behaviour in traffic
  • Explaining traffic rules and traffic signs independently
  • On request: Analysis of critical points for cyclists