Welcome to the bicycle training of Austrian Mobility Research!

For a safe coexistence and cooperation in traffic

You can find instructional videos for cycling training >>HERE<<

(so far the videos are available in german only)

The most important tips and information about cycling in real traffic are given in short instructional videos.
In the 10 videos made so far

In addition, some of the videos contain exercises, which should serve as preparation for cycling in real traffic. These exercises can be carried out at home, in the school yard or in a similar protected area without traffic and increase the children's cycling skills.

We would like to deal with some still open topics in another video series, which we will be happy to inform you about here.

The videos can be used in school lessons as preparation for the cycling training with the FGM-AMOR and for the voluntary cycling proficcience test!


Our bicycle training is aimed at schools, parents, companies and interested private individuals. 

We offer bicycle courses in traffic for children, young people and adults. 

Our bicycle trainers are mainly active in Graz (Styria). 

However, through the Austrian-wide cooperation with other cycling schools we are able to offer our courses also in other regions.

The bicycle ... an important means of transport in our time

The bicycle has always been a popular means of transportation. Nowadays it is experiencing a boom, especially in urban areas.

The bicycle offers flexible mobility. It saves space and causes neither emissions nor noise. Moreover, cycling costs little and is good for body and soul!

Cycling needs to be learned

For safe on-street cycling you need - besides the ability to steer a bike - the necessary cycling equipment, the knowledge of traffic rules and the correct use of these rules in practice.

Our motto: Cycling with safety and pleasure

Our bicycle courses offer children, young people and adults the ideal start for cycling on the road.

Our state-certified bicycle trainers will help you to learn to cycle and to strengthen your cycling abilities in traffic in a trusting atmosphere.

Gaining mobility and safety competence on the road, the joy of riding a bike as well as the feeling for cooperation and safe coexistence in public traffic-space make up central elements of our courses.